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About the company

About the Belarusian-German Joint Venture «Delfa-Bug»

The JV «Delfa-Bug»

The Belarusian-German Joint Venture «DELFA-BUG» is a large manufacturer of DELFA sun protection systems.

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Area of specialization

The «Delfa-Bug» Company was founded in 1997 in the “Brest” Free Economic Zone and specializes in the production of a wide range of curtain poles, curtains, blinds and home textiles at various prices: from ECONOMY class models to PREMIUM products.

продукция DELFA

Company strategy

The strategy of our company is a key player positioning on the market with a complete window decor products portfolio. Constant striving for new achievements in the field of interior design, a clear marketing policy, high quality of products and impeccable service provide the stability and success of the «Delfa-Bug» Company for a long time.

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Modern manufacturing

The JV «Delfa-Bug» manufacturing is located on an area of more than 8,000 m2 and is equipped with the latest imported equipment. Favorable geographical location (on the border with the EU) allows you to receive raw materials in the shortest possible time from the leading Western manufacturers, while ensuring precise fulfillment of orders and constant stock availability of products.

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