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Decorative window film from the German-Belarusian «Delfa-Bug» manufacturer.

Static window film wholesale

Static window film is an innovative product on the Belarusian market, which is a canvas of special film with adhesive effect due to static force, without using glue!

Static window film allows you to realize design fantasies and apply it to any glass surfaces: windows, mirrors, glass doors, office partitions. Static window film is used as window protection without the use of curtains, in particular from the penetration of bright light, to make a stylish design, as well as for decoration or other practical purposes.

Static window film offered by our company has a number of advantages over analogues (self-adhesive film):

  • window film is quick and easy to apply to the clean surface using water, while adjustments are possible!
  • window film is an eco-friendly product (due to the use of DINCH plasticizer, window film is safe for health);
  • leave no residue after applying or removal from the surface!
  • window film is waterproof (it can be used in rooms with high humidity);
  • window film is heat resistant;
  • window film gives UV sun protection (window film softens and diffuses sun and UV rays);
  • acceptable price.

Advantages of static window film:

Film Width 45 cm; 90 cm
Film Length 150 cm
Film Thickness ~220 мкм
Film Composition 50% PVC, 35% Dinch, 15% PET


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