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Metal curtain poles

A wide range of serial metal curtain poles wholesale from the manufacturer from ECONOMY to PREMIUM class.

Metal CURTAIN POLES WHOLESALE from the manufacturer

Delfa metal curtain poles are characterized by fashionable design and are in harmony with any interior. Metal curtain poles look good both in classic interiors and in modern or extravagant styles. They are a great addition to window decor and will decorate it for many years.

  • Quality of metal curtain poles:
    - made of 100% metal;
    - all elements of the curtain poles have galvanized coating;
    - varnished coating of all elements makes them resistant to abrasion.
  • Wide range of metal curtain poles:
    - there are two types of pipes of metal curtain poles: plain and figured;
    - each type has exceptional and unique finials that emphasize the individuality of the curtains.
  • Versatility of metal curtain poles:
    - suitable for almost any interior;
    - various options for complete sets of finials, pipes, holders (single-row or multi-row).

Sizes scale for METAL curtain poles

Length Pipe diameter
0,4 / 0,8 / 1,6 / 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,4 / 3,0 m 16 / 19 / 25 mm




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