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BlackOut horizontal blinds

Serial PREMIUM class BlackOut horizontal blinds wholesale from the manufacturer.

BlackOut horizontal BLINDS WHOLESALE from the manufacturer

HBlackOut aluminum horizontal blinds are modern blinds with 100% BlackOut sun protection system and highly functional control via chain mechanism. Blinds are made according to the "Lux" system using the full set (profiles, slats, ladders) in one colour and have a number of advantages:

  • High quality is achieved thanks to:
    - reliable mechanisms for raising and lowering of slats;
    - high-quality load-bearing profiles from the European manufacturers;
    - more durable aluminum slats produced in the EU which are 25mm wide and 0.18mm thick;
    - control is carried out by one chain.
  • BlackOut system - is 100% sun protection due to:
    - a greater number of slats (26% more), which gives a significant overlap of light;
    - a guide string, which gives a tighter fit of the blinds to the window;
    - a special system for punching holes in the slats.
  • Ecological safetyis confirmed by hygienic certificates. Blinds do not emit harmful substances into the air when heated by sunlight due to the quality and eco-friendly aluminum slats and curtain poles. Therefore, they can be used without restrictions in:
    - medical institutions, sanatoriums;
    - schools and preschool institutions;
    - apartments, houses.
  • Practicality and usability of Delfa aluminum blinds:
    - convenient chain control mechanism;
    - guide strings allow the blinds to be used in window ventilation mode;
    - easy installation on window sashes or in a window opening;
    - independent changing the control of the blinds (right or left);
    - it is enough to wipe the blinds with a wet cloth to clean dusty blinds.

Sizes scale for BlackOut horizontal blinds

Width Length
34; 43; 48; 52; 57; 62; 68; 73; 81; 95; 115 cm 160 cm

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